Experience a High!

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailWhat memorable weather! The trade-off for seemingly endless weeks of sun was less wind than normal. Sales of diesel rocketed. Those who cruised the Irish coast, in August especially, found themselves in Cote de Glandore or Porta Kilmore – it was wonderful! Wives, partners and bank managers were confronted by brazen, bronzed, bewitched skippers confidently justifying the wisdom of buying a boat. The previous cold years were forgotten and of course 2004 will be just as hot! The Nationals cruisers carried the club burgee north and south. Cormac McHenry made it all look easy again by sauntering down the coast of France and Spain in “Island Life” and wintering in Seville. John Hall nonchalantly (well almost) cruised “30 Something” up to East Tarbert in Scotland. He took part in a hectic week of racing, returned to Dun Laoghaire and later covered 1800 miles down to Estapona on Pat Levin’s “Whistler”. We’ll definitely have to make him an “honorary cruiser” and slow him down! Jim Gorman’s “Helcia” pushed on into the Mediterranean and Jim finally relaxed in Sardinia. A fantastic trip! France continues to exert a pull on Peter Cullen and Martin Crotty. It can’t have anything to do with the suspicious clink of bottles from a slight starboard list as “Koala” came home. “Temper Tantrum” did not live up to her name as she carried Ciaran Hughes speedily and comfortably on a return journey down the French coast to La Rochelle. Michael Campbell’s “Movita” finally made it to the turquoise water, white sand and timeless beauty of the Scilly Isles. It was worth the wait. Closer to home, Dermot Hicks sailed south in “Kondor”. He was enticed into Castletownsend for a couple of days and stayed a couple of months. So be warned – stay away from Castletownsend! Barry O’Mahoney’s “Nora B” didn’t fall into that trap. Barry, Pat and his crew were determined to visit as many harbours and restaurants on the south coast, as time would allow. They were successful – true, discerning cruisers. Finally, a big congratulations to the Cruising Association of Ireland for its second year of activity. Well done. To all our boathouse staff who were so helpful and supportive during 2003 – a grateful THANKS. Michael Campbell