Boathouse News

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailThe platform has now made its annual switch from thirty five or so cruisers resting in their cradles to lines of active day sailors, SB3, lasers, fireballs, oppies and more. That is not to say that the cruisers were the only ones on the hard over the winter, midweek our younger members were to be seen practicing after school and at weekends. The place was a hive of activity with junior training. Congratulations to the organisers for their time and effort. Of course all of these activities have to be supported with fully functioning equipment, the launching and retrieval of ribs and the checking of engines, fuel tanks, safety boxes and V.H.F. radios. These are the responsibility of the Boathouse staff. Many thanks to them for a job well done. This is the time of the year when I like to remind members of some of the platform rules: o All day boats and dinghies must display a boat sticker, showing registration payment. o The three-ton crane must not be used for maintenance; it is for launch and retrieval only. o Boats are not allowed to stay overnight on breakwaters accept in special circumstances and they must book their stay at the boathouse. o Vehicles are not allowed on the platform from midday Tuesdays and Thursdays and not at all at weekends. As the recession deepens the boathouse like other area of the club must be cost efficient. Please take note that the launches, during non-racing day times, will only service the moorings on the hour and the half hour. With the introduction of the Jonas Membership and Accounting System, we hope to streamline payments for boathouse charges. Boat owners are requested to sign a direct debit or credit card mandate for boathouse services in which case the charge will be deducted from their account at the end of the month. Users who wish to pay by cash should pay for the service in advance and present a receipt to the boatmen before the work is carried out. Olivier, our sailing manager has moved his office to the outside corner of the changing room block. This will give him a commanding view of the workings of the platform so, let us all be on our best behaviour. John Hall Boathouse Captain