Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailI am now halfway though my three-year stint as Boathouse Captain and it has certainly opened my eyes as to what it takes to run the Club and the amount of time that the members of both committee and sub committees give to the Club. That said all of this is for nothing if it’s not supported and appreciated by the rest of the members. In past editions have been quoting the Boathouse and Platform rules – Vehicles on the Platform on race days – Boat left over night on the breakwater without good reason – Platform fees not paid – etc. But I must say that the response has been very good throughout this summer which in turn means the Boathouse staff have more time to attend to other duties and I think it shows in the orderly appearance of the Platform and the high standards of maintenance of the Clubs equipment. So thank you for your cooperation during the year so far. Last winter Wayne our Head Boatman gave two courses on knots and splices. We had a beginner’s course before Christmas and an advanced one after the holiday, with a maximum of ten persons on each. I’m thinking of running the same again this year, if you are interested please phone Olivier (Sailing Manager). Dates will be announced later. Lift out for the Keel Boats will be October 17th. John Hall Boathouse Captain