Health & Safety Notes

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailI would now like to ask for further co-operation from our boat-owners regarding the use of electric cables carrying 220 Volts on the platform during the winter season as follows:
  1. Check carefully that cables are in good order without any damage to the insulation and plugs/sockets
  2. Ensure that plugs are not fitted with fuses rated higher than 13 Amps Cables should be without intermediate connections and with sound and undamaged outer sheath; if repaired or if repairs are needed this should be done with materials superior to the usual PVC tape which is far from weatherproof, e.g. self amalgamating tape or heat shrink sleeve.
  3. Do not leave any cables trailing along the ground, but raise them about 8-ft above the ground and tie them to the toe-rail or lower stanchion wire, if necessary from boat-to-boat until it reaches your boat (always in consultation with the other boat-owners involved).
  4. At the point where it is plugged into the club’s socket, leave a small loop in the cable to prevent rainwater running along the cable into the plug and/or socket.
Peter Ryan, H&S Committee Liaison Officer.