Le Challenge Côte Atlantique

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailPlanning to go to France next Summer? Then you may be interested in joining “Le Challenge Côte Atlantique”, a 3 week long event starting with a dash down to La Rochelle (Racing or Rally Division) followed by a cruise in company back along the French North Atlantic coast. For further information and feedback, please see the attached event outline. This document is designed to gage the level of interest for such an event…All comments are welcome. Please make sure to indicate your first reaction re. a potential participation (ie. not interested / 50-50 / definitely would take part) Also, please do not hesitate to circulate it to friends / fellow skippers (members or not) if you feel they might be interested. I will be collecting feedback up until the new year when a formal decision to launch this event or not will be made. Comments please to Olivier Prouveur, Sailing Manager LE CHALLENGE outline for feedback