Golf Review of the Year 2009

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailtest link Golfer of the year 2009-Roger Bannon wins again. All was decided on the last day, Roger’s storming finish to the year proved too much for everybody. Anne Irwin, who led from the start, was caught at the finish line, with Alan Dooley and Terry O’Brien nipping in to take 2nd and 3rd. Which was jolly unsporting of them, when you think about it. Jim Murphy must be kicking himself, blithely ignoring a couple of outings when he could have done some damage. Joe Buckley was in a good position too but fell away a bit toward the end. The Commodore and the Handicap Secretary plodded along steadily without any real chance of winning. Linda Corcoran’s sparkling late run got her in the top ten alongside hubby Tony. Just outside the top ten were Roni Dunn, the long distance golfer, Liam Nicholl who must be the best 18 handicapper in Ireland and the irrepressible Paddy McMahon. Gerry Dunleavy is one watch next year as is the unfortunate Tony Corcoran, back trouble hampered his efforts in 2009.
  1. Roger Bannon –  211
  2. Alan Dooley – 205
  3. Terry O’Brien  – 202
  4. Anne Irwin –  201
  5. Jim Murphy  – 199
  6. Joe Buckley  – 193
  7. Peter Ryan  – 191
  8. Brendan Mac Conville  – 183
  9. Tony Corcoran  – 176
  10. Linda Corcoran  – 170
All scores include two discards. The Nash goes Northside – Of course golfer of the year was only part of the story of 2009. The outing to Dingle has by now passed into legend, does wine really evaporate so quickly? This jaunt is bound to be repeated in 2011 to tally with the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race. The huge turnout for St. Anne’s caught the organisers (and Padraig) by surprise. Now that the Northside taboo has been banished where else can we go?. The Kish trophy was another success although the non-participation by DMYC and RIYC was disappointing. The George proved an honourable exception, with Chris Fleming taking the individual prize. There was a lone representative from the Irish. Woodenbridge proved to be a good test, the outing was made memorable by Paddy McMahon’s ace at the 17th. Also memorable was the mist and rain lifting gradually to reveal one of Ireland’s loveliest courses. History is often repeated as farce and this proved to be true for Paddy as a larcenous dog stole his golf ball on the next outing to Bray. Killiney and Elm Park stop-ended the year in fine style. In all 78 members and their friends and family played in the golf society this year and including the Kish nearly one hundred turned out. The committee commissioned a survey at the end of the year and the results of this will provide inspiration for next years programme. Despite the rotten weather, which no doubt eterred some, this wasn’t a bad year at all, at all.