Boathouse Update

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailAs I have mentioned before its great to see so much activity at the weekends by the sailing fraternity. But with so many different groups using the hard and slipway of course it is going to be congested. It may help the flow of traffic if boats are rigged as much as possible before being moved to the launching area and the launching trolleys are replaced in their parking places after launching and not left restricting movements on and around the slip. The washing of boats at the top of the slip after sailing should be postponed or abandoned if it is obvious that a lot of boats are coming ashore at the same time and of course common sense and patience will go a long way to ensure a good start to the days sail. The striping off of the old buildings on the Carisle Pier is now complete and part of the remaining work is the placing of bollards around the edge of the pier and the reconstruction of the original train terminal building before allowing additional car parking that is certainly needed in the harbour area. If only the cost could be reduced? How much better the eastern side of the harbour looks now both from the road and the East Pier and helps to highlight the National Yacht Club. The radio controlled Lasers have rejoined the sailors using the club hard over the weekends and can be seen on Sunday afternoons sailing from the breakwater or weather and wind direction being favourable from the Dolphin on the east pier. The clearing of the Carisle Pier has greatly improved the sailing conditions in this aspect of the use of the club facilities; it also adds an additional interest for the people walking the pier. John Hall – Boathouse Captain