Steve White recalls his Vendee Globe 2008 – 2009 campaign

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailsteve_white_01In one of the most inspiring talk ever delivered to a captivated NYC audience, Steve White, who finished 8th out of 30 entrants in the last edition of the Vendée Globe Round the World Solo Race, recapped on the highs and not so highs of his low budget “realisation of a dream”.  Having set foot on a friend’s sailing boat for the first time a decade ago, it was only a comparatively short time later, after a sail from Plymouth around the infamous Fastnet Rock, that Steve felt an almost primeval pull and knew instantly that he had found his calling. He handed in his notice at work, found a job in a local boatyard and decided there and then to become a professional sailor. The rest is history, leading to Steve taking line honours of the 2005 edition of the OSTAR on board his Open 50 Vail Williams and then of course, his remarkable campaign and fantastic achievement in the Vendee.  A measure of Steve’s achievement, and one of the highlight of the talk, was probably a short piece of video taken on board “Toe in the Water” at 0200, 11 hours before the start of the most grueling race on earth…electronic equipment still disconnected or hanging loose on their wires, a mountain of supplies and boxes still to pack and secure in the boat, and a deck littered with gear and sails. Yes Steve, you were ranked 29th out of 30 by one of the leading Yachting Magazine…the tide has turned and the odds have vastly improved, and the NYC wishes you all the best in your current campaign to reach the podium for the 2012 edition of what is tagged the “Official supplier of legends since 1989…”