Strategy for Juniors – ADAPTS

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailThe ADAPTS strategy has been adopted by the General Committee, and will form the basis of all decisions impacting on current and future junior sailing and social activities for the next 7-10 years. Future Junior activities supported by the Club will have a specific and identified link to at least one element of the ADAPTS strategy. Junior Committee to develop tactics and actions in support of ADAPTS Strategy to ensure its efficient and effective implementation. The ADAPTS Strategy will have six primary elements: ATTRACTING Attracting Junior members and/or their parents to the National Yacht Club; DEVELOPING Developing the “spirit” of sailing for this and the next generation of Junior sailors; ACHIEVING Developing high potential Junior sailors to Olympic (?) level over the next 20+ years; PARTYING Developing a current and future Junior sailors a “social” offering which will make the NYC the “club of choice” for Junior sailors; TRANSFERRING Look for all of the above to ensure that today’s Junior sailors become the Full Members of tomorrow because of what they have experienced in the past; SUPPORTING Have a permanent Junior Support Structure to support the implementation, development and improvement of the ADAPTS Strategy. 1) Attracting Junior members and/or their parents to the National Yacht Club;

Attracting First Timers Developing an Ésprit du Corps Generating Parental Involvement Ensuring Safety and Security Providing Economic Access Allowing Juniors without parents?? Ensuring development potential is apparent to parents Having a parental offering 2) Developing the “spirit” of sailing for this and the next generation of Junior sailors;

Racing is not everything, participation also provides satisfaction Sailing is a “Sport for Life” For most, social development is more/as important than/as racing success The better NYC Juniors do at events, the more winning spirit we will generate – “Success breeds Success” Junior sailing is a mixed sport at least until “elite” level 3) Achieving top results for high potential Junior sailors over the next 20+ years;

Identify the good sailors at an early age Have an offering to make the NYC their choice Ensure that the training offered is perceived to be of the highest standard Provide funding to support a competitive campaign Provide coaching sessions Seek to host major Junior and Youth events 4) Providing a Social Offering;

Support the friendship side of the sport Offer facilities which are of interest to pre-teens and teenagers Treating Juniors with respect in all their dealings with the Club Make the Club facilities available to Juniors for social events on a regular basis  5) Transferring Junior Sailors to Senior Members

Maintain a membership pathway which supports ex juniors through their college and early career years Support the use of NYC ex-juniors in the development and coaching of future juniors The Club to continue to support high potential sailors in their ongoing sailing careers The Club actively to support the opportunities for younger sailors gain experience in larger boats 6) Support Structure

Maintain a Junior Committee responsible for Junior Affairs Junior Committee to have a permanent link to the General Committee General Committee to have a designated Junior Affairs member Keep the ADAPTS strategy up to date and at the forefront of Club affairs Junior Committee to develop tactics and specific actions in support of the ADAPTS strategy Paul Barrington Vice Commodore May 11th 2009 For copy of Powerpoint Presentation click :  ADAPTS