NYC Guide to ISA Levels

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailOld Levels New Levels Taste of Sailing                    Taste of Sailing Level 1                                    Start Sailing Level 2                                   Basic Skills Level 3                                   Improving Skills Level 4, Racing & Advanced. These levels have been replaced and now there are 4 options available after Improving Skills has been completed. These are essentially the introductions to the “career paths” open to sailors: Kites & Wires 1, Advanced Boat Handling, Go Racing 1 and Adventure 1. I’d advise that you do at least 3 of these before moving onto the sixth rung, but the ISA requires only that 2 be completed. Level 5. This level has been removed completely and now there are 3 options: Kites & Wires 2, Go Racing 2 and Adventure 2. To take part in one of these courses the level 1 equivalent must be completed first, eg. Go Racing 1.


Brief Outline of Content The ISA’s website and the logbooks go through each module if you want more detail. Taste of Sailing This is a very basic introduction to sailing, the primary aim of which is to remove any fear of water, boats, etc. and make sure the kids have fun. We’re going to teach this course linked to Start Sailing. Start Sailing This will teach the kids how to sail at a basic level. It introduces the main points of sailing, but the aim is still to make them comfortable in the water and having fun. Basic Skills This course aims to make the kids into independent sailors by focusing on the basics of the sport. Improving Skills The basic skills are advanced here so they can sail more effectively. New boat handling skills are introduced in this course that are then improved in the later modules. Advanced Boat Handling This is probably the most important course in the scheme and I’d advise everyone to do it. It aims to make the kids into competent individual sailors in all wind strengths, and focuses a lot on ensuring complete control over the boat. Go Racing 1 & 2 Go Racing 1 is designed to introduce racing with the basic rules, techniques and tactics. A major aim of the course is to make racing enjoyable instead of furiously competitive. Go Racing 2 follows the same structure as Go Racing 1 but it takes the sailors to a higher standard. It provides preparation for Regional and National events. Throughout the summer we will be making sure all the kids are aware of where and when the events they would be capable of competing in are held. Kites & Wires 1 & 2 These are particularly exciting and enjoyable courses. They introduce spinnakers and trapezes and help the sailors get used to more powerful boats. Adventure 1 & 2 These courses encourage independence. They introduce skills necessary for undertaking voyages and encountering bad weather. The great thing about them is that they show juniors the alternatives to racing and provide a good introduction to the skills needed for sailing bigger boats. I hope this helps to explain the new system. Ben Mitchell SI 2010.