Report on Race 5 – Dun Laoghaire Sunday Race

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailcompass.jpegFrom an entry list of 27 boats, 16 boats came to the line in Dun Laoghaire for the 5th ISORA race and first Sunday Race. It was hoped that this format would encourage those boats that regularly compete in the Dublin Bay and Howth racing and are reluctant to take part in ISORA as they would lose points in their Series. Unfortunately, this did not happen. We did not have any new boats competing. The day looked ideal based on the weather forecast – 14kts West veering North West. With north-going spring tides the course selected was: Lambay (P)- Rockabill (S)- Kish (P) and to the finish. The course ensured that the fleet would have the tide with them all along the course. This was the only factor that remained constant. The fleet left Dun Laoghaire in the 14kts westerly and made good progress across the bay towards the Bailey until it fell into a huge hole at the Bailey. For 30 minutes the only movement was the 1.5kt tide going north. Most of the fleet kept close to the shore while “Galileo” and “Tsunami” stayed out in the tide. At one time the shore side boats appeared to move again only to stop again. The wind filled in giving “Galileo” and “Tsunami” the advantage. “Intuition” was the lead shore boat and it also got the early wind. The wind had veered to the north-west and it was a fetch to Rockabill. “Galileo” was first around Roackabill followed closely by “Intuition”, Tsunami” and “Rebellion”. The remainder of the fleet were well bunched close behind. Most of the run to Kish was in ideal sailing weather – moderate winds, sunshine, warm etc. This came to an abrupt end when the leaders were approaching Kish. A squall came through causing a rapid dropping of kites for the last mile. The same placings occurred at Kish as it was at Rockabill. It was a beat to the finish. The wind had again dropped back to the 15kts after the squall. This left boats wondering if changing back up to the No.1’s was required. The answer was not long in coming. A very strong squall hit the fleet with winds in excess of 28kts with driving rain sending boats scattering across Dublin Bay. The first boat to cross the finish line was “Galileo”, who only managed to take 2nd Overall and 2nd in Class 1. It was followed closely by “Intuition” who took 1st in both Overall and Class 1. “Tsunami” was next over the line to take 3rd in Class1 and 4th Overall. “Mojito” sailing two-handed took 3rd Overall and 1st in Class2. Another two-handed “Dinah” took 2nd Class2 while “Lula Belle” took 3rd Class2. I would like to thank Larry Power of the National Yacht Club for doing the start and Chris Moore for recording the finishers. An “Après Sail” took place in the NYC after where the provisional results were announced. The next race is on the 23rd July with the ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay Night Race to North India. Results: Race 5 results (pdf 7KB)