Lift Out Schedule – 2010

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailSATURDAY 16th OCTOBER. The sequence is based on a maximum 10 minute turn-around for lifting. Lift sequence may alter on the day. Boats shall be ready for lifting one hour before lift-in time. Cradles must be in good condition with all adjustments in working order. All cradles should be located in their final positions as illustrated on the attached layout below. To facilitate the lifting crew all cradles should be adjusted to their lowest position. As the lift sequence may start earlier, the first six boats must be on Pontoons overnight. Proposed Parking Layout: (To follow shortly) Saturday 16th October – First Lift 07.30. HW = 07.27 – 3.2m  LW = 12.48 – 1.7m 07.30 SOMETHING ELSE ISOBELLE SIOFRA  08.00 ARCHIE  LOCO GABELLE  ACCALMIE LUISE ASKEWISH 09.00 MALINDI GRASSHOPPER MOVE CRANE 10.00 ZAMBESI SIRONA OCEAN BLUE AURORA 11.00 KISH  ALBENITA SALU 12.00 ZUBENUBI  CURRAGLASS RUADH TANDA 2 FREE SPIRIT SETANTA 13.00 BLUEFIN 2 ENSHALLAH LUNCH MOVE CRANE 14.10 HELCIA AN CUILLEANN PAMINA PEPSI MARINERO 15.00 POPJE ENCHANTRESS GRINGO SORTIE TO BE LIFTED OUT ON CLUB CRANE BEFORE LIFT-OUT. CLANNAD C BREEZE QB2 WARRIOR RIFF RAFF RAGAMUFFIN JIMINY CRICKET ICICLE PARAMOUR SUZABELLE BLUEFIN DIFFERENT DRUMMER HUGGY BEAR RUFF N READY REBEL TROIKA ROCKABILL V