NYC Golf Outing to Greystones – Timesheet

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailProvisional Time Sheet for Friday 12th Nov. Draft Timesheet is below – on the day, there will most likely be a few small changes to the middle of the field. The cost of the outing is €40, and this includes the following… 1. Green Fee 2. Fish & Chips back at the National at 8:00 3. Glass of wine with the above 4. Prize fund. …pretty good value!. NOTE: Be at the golf club a full 30 minutes ahead of your tee time, and please be on the 1st tee a full 10 mins early. There will be a starter, so if you are not on time, you may be moved to the back of the field. SLOW PLAY – with the short evenings now, it is vital to play at a reasonable pace. If you are slow, you are slowing ALL the groups behind you, some of whom will not be able to finish in daylight. Teams will be checked for timeliness at the start and at the end. In Greystones, you should comfortably do the 18 holes in 3:50. Do NOT lose contact with the group in front on you. If you are not going to score, pick up your ball and move on to the next tee. Longest drive / nearest the pin – probably 3rd for Ladies Drive, 15th for Men and the 11th for nearest the pin. (To be confirmed) Placing on the fairway and lift, clean & drop in the rough are in play at the moment because of recent weather conditions and this is likely to be the case on the 12th.
Greystones Golf Club  
Friday 12th November 2010  
Tee NAME  
10:20 Dooley Sam (v)  
  O’Brien Kevin (v)  
  Dooley Sam (v)  
10:27 Buckley Bernard  
  Buckley Joe  
  Reid Gerry  
10:34 Farrell Vincent  
  Ryan Peter  
  McGloughlin David  
10:41 Coughlan Joe  
  MacConville Brendan  
  Fitzgerald Orla  
10:48 Corcoran Tony  
  O’Brien Terry  
  Hanratty Francis  
10:55 O’Morain Seamus  
  Hanratty Geraldine  
  Isolda McKenna  
  Anne Marie MacGorris  
11:05 Dooley Cathy  
  McCarthy Bernice  
  Dunn Roni  
  Murphy Maureen  
11:15 Dooley Alan  
  McCarthy Martin  
  McCourt Ted  
  Murphy Jim  
11:25 McGovern Brendan  
  McGovern Brendan 2  
  Watchorn Graham  
  Duggan Ray  
11:35 Liam Nicholl  
  Rooney Penny  
  Rooney John  
11.45 Delaney Rita  
  Delaney Rita  
  Delaney Rita  
  Delaney Rita  
11.55 Irwin Ann  
  Lyons Ann  
  Wharton Mary