Snooker Update – January 2011

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailThe season reaches its mid point with the playoff for the Mc Williams Trophy which takes place on Fri.14th Jan @ 6.30 pm. to be followed by the Preston Ball auction dinner @ 8.30pm .  Mc Williams Trophy Basil Mc Allister has won through to the final in the top half of this competition . In the bottom half Tom Mulligan awaits the winner of Joe Hogan and Kevin Blake in a semi final which takes place on January 12th. at 7pm. Joe and Kevin play on the previous evening . Preston Ball Auction The draw for our Premier competition the Preston Ball has taken place and the auction of players follows the Annual Dinner on January 14th. at 8.30 pm . Auctioneer in residence Mr. Doug Stuart NYCIA will conduct proceedings . This is a Black Tie affair and members are encouraged to confirm their attendance with Mr. P. Conneely. Guests are most welcome . Inter Club Snooker As previously reported the Inter Club enters the New Year with NYC leading the RYStG by a single point.  Matches will take place on Feb. 1st away to RIYC and on Feb.8th we host the RYStG at NYC . I look forward to meeting you all on January 14th . Tom Mulligan