“3 Score and 10” – Cartan Finegan

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailA member of National Yacht Club for the past 25 years Cartan Finegan has written a memoir ‘3 SCORE and 10’, described by a critic as “ from defending contaminated Irish butter before Lancashire housewives to dodging landmines in Mozambique and bombs in Belfast, to locking horns with Ministers in pursuit of safer roads, his look back on 70 years of Irish Society, political intrigue and the nascent days of Ireland’s export economy is a memoir of Irish political life that is both entertaining and insightful. A career story that is recounted with the utmost frankness and accuracy, making it a useful social document. Of particular interest to the sailing fraternity should be his chapter on sailing from Bermuda to Azores 24 days and on to Cork 14 days, in a catamaran built and skippered by a brother-in-law of President to be Mary Robinson ( a dry boat,only in the Alcohol sense) This 400 page book will be available to members of yacht clubs free of charge in March, with the suggestion that a contribution of up to €20 be made to the ‘ 3 SCORE and 10 Blackrock Hospice Fund‘. The formal launch of the book will take place on the 24th March in the National Yacht Club at 19.00. Book Launch Photographs by CHESTER:   .