Wine Supper Report

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailWe had a very enjoyable wine supper on Wednesday 9th March.  Our guest speaker was Jean Smullen, Wine Lecturer and Consultant. Jean has wide and extensive experience of the wine industry and has been speaking at our suppers now for many years. Her choice of wines for this week were New Zealand wines from the Saint Clair Estate.  What was interesting about the Saint Clair was the Irish connection with the owner of the vineyard, Matt Thompson, an Irishman who took it over. We started with a very pleasant tasting and nicely balanced fruit flavoured Sauvignon Blanc white wine.  The red was a really good Pinot Noir wine, and had all the strong characteristics and flavour of a Pinot. Jean gave us a very interesting backgroud to New Zealand wine production, and gave us a rugby flavour when talking about the match fixtures there for the forthcoming Rugby World Cup later this year The dinner, as always, was superb, with the food complimenting the really good wines that we enjoyed. Our next wine supper evening will be on Wednesday 23rd March