Social Calendar – October

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail2nd – Family Lunch 3rd – Yachtmaster Offshore Course commences at 7.30pm / Start of Monday Bridge Season at 7.30pm 4th – Yachtmaster Coastal Course commences at 7.30pm 6th – Start of the Thursday Bridge Season at 7.30, Supper at 9pm 7th – Speaker with Tom Cunliffe, please click here for more information 8th – Italian Night, six course tasting menu from Italy 9th – Family Lunch 11th – Ladies Day Lunch with guest speaker Fergus Finlay CEO Bernardos 12th – Bar Table Quiz, Round 1 15th – Lift Out and Lift Out Dinner 16th – Family Lunch 19th – First of the Winter Wine Suppers with speaker Juan Ramon, Torrres Wines 21st – Cruisers 1 Class Dinner 22nd – 31.7 Class Dinner 23rd – Family Lunch 26th – Bar Table Quiz – Round 2 29th – Club Dinner featuring Chef’s Signature Dishes 30th – Family Lunch