Creation of NYC Archive

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailIt is proposed to create an archive of all relevant documents and photographs relating to the Club. Everyone now has a ditigal camera or a camera on their phone and most events that take place in the Club are recorded on an informal basis. Not so in the past!! Past Commodore, Peter Ryan, has undertaken to scan and catalogue all old documents and photographs that members might have relating to the National Yacht Club. All material will be posted on the NYC website and access will be restricted to NYC members only. To this end he asks that members who have photographs and documents would either email scanned copies of the data to him at or leave the originals in the office in a sealed envelope with their name and contact number and marked for his attention. Photographs should be scanned into .jpeg format while documents shall be .pdf format. All original documents received will be scanned and returned safely to the owners. All data received will be credited to the provider. If supplying photographs it would be particularly useful and informative to write a caption for the photograph on a “post-it”, stuck to the back of the photograph. Relevant documents could be old menus from functions, reports etc. We are missing some editions of old “NYC News” and “Up Helm”. All available editions of these publications and of Mainsheet are posted on the Member restricted page in the website – Follow this LINK if you have access.