NYC Frostbite Series 2012 – Mermaids, Flying Fifteens, SB20s

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailThe NYC Frostbite Series 2012 will take place in the National Yacht Club on 4 consecutive Sundays starting on October 14th There will be back-to-back races on each day of the series (three-races each day weather permitting i.e. 12 races in total). The series is open to NYC members’ SB20s – Amendment to SIs may be issued pending a sufficient number of SB20s to enter. Please notify your interest to the Sailing Manager   Entries online only: Click here Downloads: NOR:  NYC Mermaid Frostbite NOR Sailing Instructions: Frostbite SI 2012 Due to a lack of entries from SB20s and Mermaids, only Flying Fifteens are competing this year. Results: Results after day 1 Results after day 2 Results after day 3 Final Overall Results