VHF Course for TY Sailors

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailVHFWe have scheduled a VHF Course specifically for TY Sailors in NYC early in January. This will be held in conjunction with Seacraft, David Jerrard will be leading the course. There are places for up to 24 sailors.     Theory Section – Thursday 9th January 7.30 pm – 10 pm. Practical Section and Practical Exam – Saturday 11 th January and Sunday 12th January. Practical starts at 9.30 am. Exam at 4.30 pm. The course will be held in the JB Room over the evening of Thurs 9th January (Theory section) with the Practical and Examination the following weekend. The VHF radios and examiner from The Dept of the Marine will be set up in the JB Room in NYC on Saturday and Sunday. The plan is for half the sailors (12) do the  Practical and Exam on Saturday 11th Jan with the second half of the sailors doing the Practical & Exam the following day, Sunday 12th Jan. I would be grateful if interested sailors could let me know if they would like to do this course and if so, whether they would prefer to do the Practical / Exam on the Saturday or Sunday (or no preference) to try to accommodate everyone as best we can. David Jerrard will need the names and postal addresses of all the candidates very early in January at the latest in order to send out the full course notes about a week before the course starts so that the sailors can read them before the course starts. (These details can be filled in on the online form). The cost is  €200 which covers the course notes, tuition, VHF equipment, Dept of Marine Examiner and Certificate. TY VHF Jan 2014 Declaration Form Booking Form