“Summer is finally here junior courses begin next week ,Sara Quigley joins as senior instructor for 2014 “

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailphoto 1 (1)Sara Quigley is a 23 year old Medical student currently entering her fourth season as a Senior Instructor. Sailing since the age of 8, she grew up on the West Coast of Ireland where she progressed through the ISA training programme. Sara first qualified as an ISA Instructor in 2008, and then went onto complete her Kites & Wires and Adventure instructing endorsements in 2010.  From there she worked towards achieving her Senior Instructor certificate. Starting as an assistant instructor, Sara has over 8 years Sara experience working around the country in clubs and private sailing schools. Sara’s primary interest is in sail training, with emphasis on both junior sailor and instructor development. She also enjoys yacht and dinghy racing, and has had considerable success in both. Sara is delighted to be part of the National Yacht Club’s sailing programme for 2014 and is looking forward to an enjoyable and successful summer season.