Liam Shanahan’s ‘Ruth’ current & probable winners of the Round Ireland Race!

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailRuth-Start-Race-1 Liam and his crew who are set to maintain their 1st place position of the leaderboard of the Round Ireland Yacht Race! In a dramatic change of fortune for the long time Round Ireland Race favourite Cavatina, Liam Shanhan’s J109 Ruth, has taken over as the main contender for the overall prize in this year’s Round Ireland race. Cavatina, along with many of the lower rated yachts has sailed in to a calm patch off Belfast Lough and as a result has lost any benefit gained from a favourable tide in the North Channel. ¬†With only 45 miles to go at 4am, the forecast suggests that Ruth will enjoy a fairly steady breeze of medium strength for the final fetch to the finish, while those astern will encounter less favourable winds in the last stretch down the Irish Sea. ‘Ruth’ (pictured above) is currently (03-07-14 at 09:14) doing 4 knts off Bray Head and should complete her race in 2 hours time with a – relatively comfortable margin – of 1h30 on corrected time over 2nd overall boat ‘Tanit’ also still to finish… Well done to all onboard ‘Ruth’ which is no stranger at collecting Offshore Trophies as part of the ISORA series.