Club’s RS Venture first sail and first impressions

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailRS venture Last Saturday the 28th of February Emmet Ryan (RS 400 sailor), Derek Madden his teenage son Frank, David Mulvin (F15 sailor) and NYC instructor Robert Hilliard met up to try out the new RS ventures. First visual impression is how wide and flat the hull of the boats are. This gives them great form stability in the water and makes them reassuringly stable. It took only about 20 minutes for the crew “discovering” the boat to rig fully. The rig contains as you would expect a main, a jib but also an easy to fly asymmetric spinnaker. Once set you can furl the jib, which allows the forestay to be dropped back out of the way. Emmet, Derek and Frank took the boat out first. They powered along and soon had the spinnaker up and running as well. She sailed beautifully and they headed out the harbour mouth despite a rising forecast of strong winds on the way. Pressed by time, Derek and Frank returned ashore and the boat was left 2-handed with Emmet at the helm and Robert crewing. Soon, however, the wind gusts were too strong and they had to make way home. The boat could have been reefed with the easy to use system but, with gale warnings given by Met Eireann and Windguru, it was decided that prudence should prevail and the boat headed home. Overall first impression after what ended up being quite a short outing, is that with a crew of 3 she would sail in any weather great and all looked forward to sailing the RS Venture again soon. A big thank you to Derek and Frank for helping out and a big thanks to Emmet for all his pointers along the way. We would also like to thank David Mulvin for coming along even though he was sick. Below are a few pics and a short video as a taster of things to come…


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