ISA introduces new online ‘Sailing Passport’

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What is the Sailing Passport?

The ISA Sailing Passport is an On-line logbook, using the ChecKlick platform, in which each sailor will be able to record their individual sailing activities whether racing, cruising or just having fun on the water, and which, when used in conjunction with ISA Training Courses and ISA Clubs / Training Centres, will also allow participants (and their Instructors) track their progress in acquiring and developing the skills required for that course. The ChecKlick platform was developed in conjunction with Sail Canada who now use the system in place of a paper based log book.

Why is the ISA introducing the Sailing Passport?

The ISA Strategic Review Group received significant feedback, which suggested that there is a perception that the ISA training schemes focused too much on certificates rather than on skills development. It is also part of the ISA development strategy to grow the levels of sailing activity outside of the traditional structured courses, particularly for young sailors. The Passport, as an online logbook, is designed to facilitate this by focussing on skills and experiences, not on certificates, and to do so in the “modern” way – dispensing with (easy to lose or damage) paper logbooks, while also enabling training programmes be distributed to users more efficiently online. The introduction of the Sailing Passport offers a wide range of benefits to sailors, Clubs, Training Centres and the ISA including easier tracking of progress, more emphasis on participation, easier communication with sailors, more accurate records and greater flexibility of training development. For more on the implementation of this new scheme, please visit: