NYC Boathouse takes delivery of 9 sea-kayaks

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailocean-duo¬†Following the very positive feedback and great usage of the Club’s paddle-boards, the N.Y.C., thanks to the support of the Sport Capital Grant 2015 programme, has decided to carry-on diversifying its water sports activities and has just taken delivery of 9 RTM Ocean Duo sea-kayaks. The RTM Ocean Duos can easily take 2 adults or even 3 people “on deck” with a child in the middle or 3 teenagers. They are open but stable kayaks and do not present any specific technical difficulty or danger in case of capsizing. We look forward to see our members of all ages trying them out when the weather is more clement. The sea-kayaks will join our existing and expanding fleet of Club sailing boats and other water crafts and will be available to book unaccompanied or as part of organised Sunday family fun afternoons…but more to come on this soon!! OCAN-D1