NYC First Book Club Meeting Review

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailHi Everyone, Our next Book Club Meeting March 7th  Maureen and I were delighted to see so many people at the first book club meeting. We had lovely scones (courtesy of Maureen), with our coffee and a lively discussion on every aspect of how we should proceed…. The main points were agreed as follows Mondays are a good day for the meetings. Everyone will have a turn choosing the book of the month. The books will be chosen for the next two meetings in advance The person who chose the book will come up with 3 points / questions relating to the book. Any new members wishing to join the group will be welcome – we may divide the group into two groups if the numbers get too big – to allow everyone to have a chance to give their points of view. The dates for the next meetings and chosen books are as follows:   7th March The Little Red Chairs by Edna O Brien 4th April Hopscotch by Hilary Fannin 9th May (Carmel Quigley to decide this) 13th June (Hilda Byrne to decide this)   Contact Cathy ( if you want to discuss any aspect or if you want to go on the email list, or just turn up on the dates above…we will be glad to welcome you.   The meetings will take place on above dates from 10.30 am – 12.00. The person who chooses the book will bring the scones / biscuits etc. Coffee & tea provided by the club.   Note: Even if you cant attend a meeting – you can still send in your comments on the book of the month by email…..   We will soon have an area on the NYC website for the bookclub – which will have information on the bookclub – dates; books chosen, contacts, etc.   Looking forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting on 7th March.   MAUREEN & CATHY