NYC Chess Club – Tuesday 25th October

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailLast January a group of interested members met to start the NYC Chess Club. Some had no experience of chess and others had not played since they were young, but all were up for the challenge.untitled It might have been raining outside, wind blowing or snow falling but that did not stop us from turning up for our weekly games. Play improved quickly in the relaxed atmosphere over a drink or a cup of tea as we learnt the basic laws of the game from the more experienced members. Very soon a healthy sense of competitiveness crept into our games as we tried desperately to concentrate and not let our opponent get the better of us. However we were always able to have a good laugh, whether we won the game or not. Following a successful first season we plan to start again in October when we will have an opportunity to receive lessons from a chess Grand Master should we wish. Our invitation to you is come and join us and see what fun it can be. Whether you can play chess or not does not matter, as you will soon learn. Come and check it out – we will be delighted to see you. Meetings will run every Tuesday night from 7.30 until approx 9.30pm. They are generally held in an allocated area of the bar – very handy for getting a quick drink. Next meeting Tuesday 25th October at 7.30pm. We hope to see you there!   Contact: Rita Hurson Ph. 087-239-1575 – Kevin Browne Ph. 086-600524 –