A sick Club mast on the mend

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailflagpole Our venerable mast proved to be quite sick, that is to say rotten! In order to create extra room on the platform for the winter season and also in order to give it a fresh lick of varnish, the Club’s flagpole was dismantled just before lift-out and brought to the boathouse for works this winter. When stripped off its old varnish, we discovered that rot had taken hold of about 3.5m from the top of the mast down. What was thought to be surface surface rot turned out to be much deeper and spread and radical remedial action was needed. Thanks to the help of the Old Gaffer Association former president and NYC member Sean Walsh, a ‘master of the trade’, Barry O’Loughlin, who made his apprenticeship in Camper & Nicholson way back in the days when boats came from trees, was located and the rest is photographic history… Lets wish that our flagpole lasts for another 150 years!!!