Summer Platform Parking Online Application Form 2017

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailP1010125 Dear Members, Our all new online Summer Platform Parking Application form is now open. Please make sure to complete this online form well in advance of the day you plan to bring your boat onto the platform in order for the office to produce your parking stickers. Please collect these stickers from the Sailing Manager’s office (or ask any boatman on duty) on arrival and display one on the transom of your boat and the other on your launching trolley. Please take note that the Platform parking period is from Saturday 15th April to Sunday 1st October 2017. Please do not bring your boat to the platform prior to this date or prior to apply for parking! Please note that an application is required for each boat (so if you owe a Topper and a Laser, two separate applications must be made) Your cooperation in adhering to these dates and all the terms and conditions detailed in the form is paramount. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.