Annalise & Rory shine at Moth Worlds 2017

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail With 220 boats taking part in the 2017 International Moth Worlds on Lake Garda, competition is extremely fierce but the Irish delegation is doing a fantastic job at showcasing foiling ‘the Irish way’! 7 Irish Moth sailors traveled to Lake Garda and are featuring well at the pool stages after 4 races: Rory Fitzpatrick (NYC, 25th overall), David Kenefick (RCYC, 33rd overall), Annalise Murphy (NYC, 45th overall), Alistair Kissane (HYC, 87th overall), Ewan McMahon (HYC, 98th), Neil O’Toole (NYC, 142nd) and Jim Devlin (RSGYC, 169th) With only 6 ladies entered, Annalise is set to dominate the ‘femmina’ class with the 2nd lady trailing behind in 102nd place to date…Annalise is competing on Rory’s former machine while Rory has brought the latest version of the Irish built Moths (Voodoo Boats – Chris Allen) to this incredibly tough test-bed and demonstrated its speed with a fantastic win in his pool in race 4!!! For a full set of results, please visit