NYC Boathouse takes delivery of 9 sea-kayaks

Following the very positive feedback and great usage of the Club’s paddle-boards, the N.Y.C., thanks to the support of the Sport Capital Grant 2015 programme, has decided to carry-on diversifying its water sports activities and has just taken delivery of 9 RTM Ocean Duo sea-kayaks. The RTM Ocean Duos can easily take 2 adults or even 3 people “on deck” with a child in the middle or 3 teenagers…

Replacement launch on its way to Ireland

Following the sad loss of the Club’s launch “Alva”, an extensive search to find a suitable replacement (new or second-hand) was carried out.

We are happy to announce that a French built craft (by Ordoqui Socoa boatyard in South West France) is just on its way from to enter a refit programme in Malahide Boatyard and Marina.

Boathouse Closes over Festive Season

The Club Boathouse will be open until Sunday 20th December inclusive (until 1700) to facilitate 2 lifts post Turkey Shoot. It will then be closed until Monday 4th January.

The boathouse staff would like to wish all the Club’s members, their friends and family, a Very Happy Christmas and all the very best for the 2016 sailing season!

Launch ‘Josephine’ gets a new engine

A lot is happening in the boathouse this winter; following the tragic theft and loss of ‘Alva’, a suitable replacement is currently being sourced to second the Club’s current sole launch ‘Josephine’.

Meanwhile, ‘Josephine’ is being fitted with a new Yanmar 30bhp engine as her 12 years old Beta diesel engine had done its time and started to show serious signs of wear and tear.

Rent a Club boat

Want to go sailing but have no boat? Want to helm? A selection of Club boats is now available for chartering to sailing members.

The ‘charter’ duration is set for 3 hours organised into morning / afternoon / evening slots.

We kept it simple and cheap for your enjoyment…please keep the boats in good order for the enjoyment of others.
For details on boats, rental procedure and costs please visit our dedicate web page here:

Fastest lift-in ever…

A highly efficient team doing a good job at the NYC lift-in last Saturday…

Well not That fast but a nice time lapse video all the same with 3.5 hours work squeezed in just under 3 minutes video. Thank to NYC member Declan Tonge for setting it up.

See it here