Golf Outings

Golf Outing Killiney 6th December 2013

What a way to end the Golfing Year at Killiney on the 6th of Dec. with the following prizes to play for:

Kish Trophy
Royal Marine Trophy for the Best Lady
Silver Plate which is the culmination of Golfer of the Year.

NYC Golf Timesheet – Glen of the Downs

Timesheet for NYC’s outing to Glen of the Downs on Friday 25th October

Glen of The Downs Friday 25th October 2013

Come join us in the Glen of the Downs.

Timesheet for Charlesland

Timesheet for the NYC Golf outing to Charlesland, Friday 20th September

Golf Spoils Lovely Day at Woodbrook

Yet again we were blessed by the weather people in Met Eireann…after several wintry months with incessant easterlies chilling the bones, the sun finally arrived to greet the 37 golfers who took part.

Blainroe Golf Club, Friday 8th March, updated timesheet (prov)

NYCGS is back on the road after our “deep winter” break. In truth it has been one of the wettest winters I can remember so it is probably just as well that we are starting a little later than usual, and where better to kick off than at this picturesque course just south of Wicklow […]