NYC Golf Society – Time Sheet

Timesheet for Woodenbridge Friday 10th May


Jazz at the NYC 26th April


Friday 26th April at 8.00pm

Edel Meade Band

With Johnny Taylor • Rhodes/piano

Julien Colarossi • guitar

Kevin Higgins • electric bass

Tommy Gray • drums

Golf Spoils Lovely Day at Woodbrook

Yet again we were blessed by the weather people in Met Eireann…after several wintry months with incessant easterlies chilling the bones, the sun finally arrived to greet the 37 golfers who took part.

Tee Times – Woodbrook G.C 12th Apr 13

NYC Golf Society

Woodbrook Outing – Tee Times

NYC Choir – ‘The High C’s’

A number of members have expressed an interest in participating in the formation of a mixed Choir in the NYC, a Choir Director/Conductor has been identified.

If you are interested in joining please contact the office on 01 280 5725 or email

If there is sufficient interest  it is hoped to commence in the next few weeks with a view to performing during the forthcoming sailing season.

Murphy Blasts Field to Pieces at Blainroe…

Our outing last Friday (Mar 8th) at Blainroe went ahead, in spite of dire weather forecasts, and several cry-offs from the (several) wimps among us.  Click the link below for the full report.