Visit Santa at the NYC on 8th of December 2013

Santa Party Lunch is booked out but we can still take children for Santa visits.

Visits are €15.00 which includes Santa Visit, Present and Goujons and Chips.  To book, please fill the forms located outside Tim & Louise’s office.

How to Sail Fast! Last Chance to Book

How to Sail Fast Sailing Seminar –  2 evening lecturers followed by a days practical on the water with our Lead Coach Barry McCartin.


A series of seven races to be held on Sunday mornings, starting 3rd November – organised by Dublin Bay Sailing Club. Racing under modified ECHO. Cruisers, cruising boats, one-designs and boats that do not normally race are very welcome

Annual Junior Dinner and Prize Giving 2013

Calling all sailors, parents’ and friends from the summer.  It’s Prize Giving  Time!

Just do it – info & debate on skiffs and moths – Friday 4th October 18:30

Interested in those skiffs or mad foiling machines? Don’t know how to get started or involved? Then this event is for you…We’ll try and cover everything you want to know on Skiffs, 49er, 29er, Moth etc…

Costs / Learning Curve / Circuit (existing & potential to create in IRL) / AOB

SB 20 Open Day

SB20 Open Day, Saturday 5th October 2013
Starting at 9.30am