Return of an “Old Friend”

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailBarometer_ We welcome the return of an old friend of the National Yacht Club, the Club’s barograph ! This fine instrument housed and a finely crafter walnut case with bevelled glass was manufactured by “Short & Mason” of London and presented to the what was then the Edward Yacht Club by the Officers of the H.M.S. “Melampus” in 1903. The inscribed plate on the front of the plinth is engraved as follows:

Presented to the members of the Edward Yacht Club Kingstown from the ward room officers H.M.S. “Melampus” February 1903 The H.M.S. Melampus was a second class cruiser of the Aeolus class in the Royal Navy stationed at Kingstown as a coastguard ship. Launched 2nd August 1890 she was originally built for the Greek navy when the order was cancelled. Displacement: 3,600 tons. Horse power: 9,000. Length: 300’ Beam: 43’8” Draught: 17’6” armament: two 6” guns, six 4.7” guns, eight 6-pounder guns and one 3-pounder all quick-firers. Speed 19.7 knots. Compliment: 275. Melampus It is interesting to note that The Edward Yacht Club trophy was presented to the club by the officers of H.M. naval base Kingstown in 1919. some 16 years after the “Melampus” presentation would suggest a close tie between the club and the officers at the base and vessels stationed at Kingstown. Having survived two fires the barograph ceased to function in July 1999, its clockwork drum just got a little tired with the prospect of the new millenium ! The good news is that the mechanism has been repaired and the barograph back working again and will shortly be restored to a suitable location. Our “wind guru” members may now have the option of reverting to the old method of predicting weather change.