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NYC Golf Society Report

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailAND THEY’RE OFF…………. DUN LAOGAHIRE HOST THE NYC GOLF SOCIETY’S RETURN The 2012 season kicked-off in fine style with a great turnout on this challenging course.  The (by now) traditional gloom, mist and rain greeted the golfers as they arrived at the Clubhouse.  Universal derision greeted Alan Dooley’s assurances that the rain would stop and the sun would come out. Sure enough as tee-off time approached the clouds lifted and the vague hulk of the Sugar Loaf could just be discerned across the valley.  Later starters (including the aforementioned AD) teed-off in watery sunshine and the rounds were completed in sunny and warm conditions.  Moral of the story, always play with Alan Dooley, it never rains on him! The course itself was terrific, its is difficult to believe that it is relatively new.  As befits a course of this nature there were bunkers galore and more water than most of these alleged sailors have seen in years.  None of this bothered Alan Pope unduly, he scored a very impressive 38 points and with Joe Buckley and Joe Hogan waltzed away with the team prize.  Roger Bannon, Terry O’Brien and Gerry Dunleavey were second. In the Ladies competition Anne McQuaid was the winner, Cathy Dooley took nearest the pin and longest drive.  Adam Winkelmann and Peader Nolan won the equivilant awards for the men.  The usual festivities in the NYC rounded off the day nicely.  Rush is up next, those who have played this delightful nine hole links won’t need any encouragement, those who haven’t are missing a real treat.  Be there 23rd March at 10am! FOGRA A new handicapping system has been approved for the 2012 season.  Full details are available from Committee members.  In short it works like this; every player who plays and does not figure in the winners enclosure will automatically get an extra point in the next competition.  If they do not win in the next outing they get an extra point and so on.  So everybody who played on Friday, except for Alan P, Joe’s B & H, Roger, Terry, Gerry D, Anne, Cathy, Adam and Peader gets an extra point.  This replaces the former rule: “A players handicap shall increase in direct proportion to the number of drinks the player buys for the Golfing Committee” Which is now rescinded! AGUS FOGRA EILE. Can players please fill out team and individual cards please and write them clearly and sign them.  Most are OK but some appear to be a combination of Urdu and Old Irish!  We are fairly relaxed about cards but if we can’t see a score we can’t award the prize! Alan Dooley – NYC Golf Committee