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NYC Golf – Skerries report

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailThe Elders gathered in the gloom and rain of the Fingal prairie.  Should the tribe cross the vast plain of Scar-rees?  Dance’s with Mermaids was the first to speak, ‘I’m here now and let the Spirits decide’  Big Chief Buck Lee of the Red Shirt tribe said, ‘If that running dog will face the Weather Gods so will I’. Next to speak was To-Nee-Cor-Cor-Can, ‘I will face the trackless prairie with my blood brothers, it is many moons since we journeyed together’. And so the vanguard set off.  Facing them was the terror of the unknown trek.  In groups of three (for safety….don’t ya know) the rest followed. Han-Rat-Tees, Rhy-Hans, Kon-Eel-Lee and all the tribes of the En-Why-Cee nation followed.  The spells and auguries of the absent Shaman-Du-Lee ensure that Meht-Hare-Anh, the weather God, looked favourably on the tribes progression. After the peace pipes were smoked and the tribe reached the happy hunting grounds of the Nyn-teen-hol the victorious tribe were honoured. Sham-Us Oh More-an / Ter-Ee Oh-Brine / West-Man-Jay One brave was honoured Pah-Rig Kon-Nee-Lee And two Squaws Ma-Re Wharton and Han-Rat-Tee, Ger-Al-Din. Next outing is to the real Wild West, Ballyconeely, or Connemara Golf Club.   Brendan MacConville