Report from the Ulster Regional Optimist Event May 2012

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailPrize GivingThe first regional optimist sailing event of the season was hosted at the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club in Belfast Lough, on the 26th and 27th of May, in lovely sunshine. Seventeen NYC sailors travelled up to compete and were warmly greeted by the organisers who did a great job in running the event which saw sunshine, variable winds and strong tides. We had 2-sailors competing in their first ever event outside the club -Conor Gorman and Fiona Ferguson. They sailed a series of 6-races with Conor being placed 5th in his first event. Congratulations to both Conor and Fiona both of whom not doubt will build on this first ever event for them. Our biggest entry was in the junior fleet with 11 entries. They were Cliona Coyle, Peter Fagan, Nicola Ferguson, Clare Gorman,   Ella Hemeryck, Natasha Hemeryck, Cian Murphy, Leah Rickard, Loghlen Rickard, Luke Rickard and William Spain. Senior Fleet had 4-entries with Patrick Coyle, Dara Donnelly, Daniel Raymond, and Heather Spain.   Peter , Loghlen , Clare (Gorman) - Junior FleetJunior Fleet Report: The conditions were interesting on the first day as sailors had to contend with a strong tidal current coming down the course, east/south easterly winds (for the most part) and less tide (depth) near the starboard side versus possibly more wind but more tide (depth) nearer the port side. There were also wind shifts which added to the variables. This resulted in lots of interesting discussion among the observing parents! At the end of the day Loghlen Rickard was in the lead followed closely by Peter Fagan. On day 2 the committee ran 4-races. The conditions were excellent with winds around 10 knots. The same tidal issues and even more wind shifts came into play. The wind had moved to a more southerly direction. Peter Fagan and Loghlen Rickard competed very closely at the top of the fleet. They were closely followed by Clare Gorman who had a great event and still has another year to go in the junior fleet. The National Yacht Club won 3 of the top 5 places in the overall junior fleet with Peter Fagan the overall winner and 1st in the silver fleet. Loghlen Rickard got 2nd overall and 1st in the gold fleet with Clare Gorman 3rd in silver fleet (4th overall). Luke Rickard (aged 10) finished 19th, a great achievement, and Ella Hemeryck (aged 11) finished 21st and Nicola Ferguson finished 23rd. All these sailors had some good races and will no doubt build and improve on these. William Spain, Cliona Coyle and Cian Murphy all put in good performances and will have gained a lot out of the trip. To see the full results click here… Lastly (but not least) our youngest 2-sailors who moved up from regatta to main fleet sailed very well. Leah Rickard (aged 9) and Natasha Hemeryck (aged 10) had a great event and now have a taste of sailing in the ‘main fleet’. Leah Rickard had a personal best placed 23rd in race 6 and Natasha was placed 27th in race 5 which confirms that they can do well in this group and will undoubtedly build on this performance. Welcome to main fleet!   Daniel Raymond - Senior FleetSenior fleet report: Sailing conditions for the senior fleet were similar. The substantial difference was that the series was 6-races (2-day one, 4 day two). In the gold fleet experienced campaigner Daniel Raymond, who was in the lead for most of the event was  placed 4th overall. Also in the gold fleet Heather Spain sailed to 10th place overall and 2nd girl. Dara Donnelly had a great second day and a personal best of 3rd place in the 4th race. This placed her overall winner in the senior silver fleet. Patrick Coyle gained valuable experience from the excellent sailing conditions and will no doubt look for prizes in the upcoming events. Lastly, we should acknowledge the contribution made by our 2-coaches, Diana Kissane and David White to the success of this event. David and Diana having been coaching these sailors for some time and should share the credit for their achievements. This was a very successful event for NYC which we should continue to build on. Thanks you to all the parents who helped out and to Peter Murphy for towing up the club rib. See you all in Skerries. Carl Fagan/Susan Spain Junior Committee   Junior Fleet: Peter, James McCann, Loghlen Junior Fleet Peter Fagan and Loghlen Rickard Junior Fleet Natasha Hemeryck Junior Fleet Leah Rickard - Junior Fleet Ella Hemeryck - Junior FleetCliona Coyle - Junior Fleet and David White   Senior Fleet: Dara Donnelly - Senior FleetHeather Spain - Senior Fleet