Von Zipper Irish Laser National Championship 2012

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail The National Yacht Club is delighted to host the VONZIPPER Irish Laser National Championship 2012 from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th August. Downloads: NOR: Event Info and NoR 12 Entry Form Laser Nats Entry 12 We would like to thank our sponsor, Paul Gill Optician in Dalkey, exclusive supplier of the VONZIPPER range of sunglasses. Final Results: VonZipper Irish Laser NATIONAL Championships – Final Results 4.7 Rig VonZipper Irish Laser NATIONAL Championships – Final Results Radial Rig VonZipper Irish Laser NATIONAL Championships – Final Results Standard Rig    

Welcome to all Laser sailors!

Below will you find essential information regarding your visit to the NYC Dunlaoire for the VonZipper Irish Laser National Championship 2012.

1. Arrivals / unpacking area

Please go the Carlisle Pier adjacent to the N.Y.C / R.N.L.I buildings to unpack your trailer(s) and boat(s). Due to space constraints and safety , no cars or trailers will be admitted onto the N.Y.C. platform. The boats on their launching trolleys will be admitted onto the NYC platform through the R.N.L.I. gate on Wednesday 22nd between 15h00 and 20h00 and on Thursday 23rd from 08h30 until 10h45. Please note that this gate will be locked (no pedestrian access) outside of these hours. The access to the R.N.L.I parking MUST BE unobstructed at all times (no temporary parking or set down to unpack at the RNLI gates) in case the lifeboat’s crew is called (even for a training exercise). Trailers may be left (at owners own risks) on the slope / ramp area on the right hand side of the Carlisle Pier (where other boats / dinghies are already stored).

2. Car Parking

The Pavillion Car Park (opposite the Carlisle Pier) has put in place a special parking concession of €20.00 (total) for the 5 days of the event (Wed, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday inclusive). Please contact the official at the pay booth to inform him that you are a visitor for the VonZipper Laser Nationals. Alternatively you may use the Carlisle Pier which is a pay and display parking area. Day parking passes will be available (€8.00 per day) for purchase from the Race Office

3. Camper Vans parking

Please note that the Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company does not admit camper vans on the Carlisle Pier anymore (for events and all year round for tourists). Camper Vans are invited to park on the designated Coal Harbour parking area (see attached map) beside the public slipway.

4. Supporting coaches RIBs launching / berthing

Please note that all supporting RIBs should be launched from the Coal Harbour public slipway. RIBs should be registered in the Race Office. RIBs can be berthed foc on the NYC pontoons. Please follow the boathouse staff instructions. There may be a briefing for coaches / parents RIBs on Thursday 23rd at 10h45

5. Boat parking, tagging, launching trolleys

Please make sure that you launching trolley is in good running order with inflated wheels. Parking is one of the red marked bays – please return to the same bay each day. Park our boat in a herringbone fashion so we can accommodate all boats. Please de-rig fully each day to allow access to the corridors between boats and to facilitate launching. Each competitor will get 2 tags and cable ties from the race office, one to be attached onto the trolley, one around the base of the mast or on the bow deck fitting. In order to facilitate the retrieval of boats after racing, the correct launching trolley WILL ONLY BE allocated to their owners on Sunday 26th

6. Packing / departure

The reverse arrangement will be in place: all competitors are invited to pack their boats from the Carlisle Pier on Sunday 26th The R.N.L.I gate will be open again after racing to facilitate access. Cars and trailers will not be admitted onto the NYC platform.

7. Important – Social Arrangements!


Welcome BBQ after Racing. Selection of burgers/spit roast and chicken 10 euros. Tickets available at registration


Soup and roll coming off the water
AGM in JB Room 5pm after Racing
NYC Reception for Annalise Murphy 6.30pm.
We are sure you will want to join us in congratulating her on her fantastic success in London 2012 and her promotion of the Laser class on a national scale! Bar menu available all evening following reception


Pasta dish coming off the water Dining room and bar facilities available in club. Tall Ships farewell evening in Dublin Docklands


Prizegiving and BBQ We hope that you find this information useful in planning your visit and look forward welcome you in the National Yacht Club