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NYC Cruise in Company – June – first of 3 cruises

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailLast weekend in June 2013. A great 2-day event, and very well organized by Joe Buckley, below, in deep discussion about how he likes his burgers done (hold the cheese, mayo, tomato and bun!) – Cathy seems quite amused. Joe and Cathy on Jester We all met at the club on Saturday for an early brunch in the bar. Some of the boats were on our own pontoon so it was just a step on board and away we went. A lovely southerly breeze carried us across the bay on a speedy reach, and we arrived at the Malahide sand bar a little earlier than expected, but with enough clearance to safely cross, led by Gerry Reid. Well, a drink or two were enjoyed before the barbecue was lit. Some brought too little and some too much, but all ate heartily…steaks, sausages, burgers, chicken (seagull?) and some really nice salads brought by Sue.. What a beautiful place Malahide Marina is, hard to believe such beauty so close to the city…should have taken more pics. IMG_0708 The NYC fleet at Malahide. After a few glasses of wine, the balminess started to go out of the evening, and we adjourned to Gerry’s boat where Barry O’Mahony entertained us with a great repertoire of songs…with some rather dubious background guitar plonkage.  Many excelent songs were sung, jokes told, recitations completed (partially), taking us into the early hours in great fettle. Nobody wanted to call it a night except Barry’s boss but eventually the sea-air and wine took its toll. We awoke to a fresh 20-30 knot westerly (a howling gale), and while waiting for the tide to rise and for the forecasted wind drop, a gang of us walked up the town and found a very nice restaurant for breakfast. At 2pm on Sunday, we left the marina in 25 knots and had an exhilarating squally fetch to Howth / Baily. Some heavy showers hit us on the way, and Jester tore her headsail UV strip while trying to take it in a bit. In the midst of this, a coast guard launch came alongside asking if we were ok – very reassuring…we thanked them for their concern and continued on, rounding the Baily and hardening up for Dun Laoghaire, all the while keeping an eye on Hugo and Sue who were ahead of us. IMG_0715       IMG_0720 Some of the hardy types were already in the NYC bar when we got there to round off a great couple of days.   2 more cruises are planned, for the last weekends in July (Greystones) and August (TBA). They are open to all members of the club, and not just boat owners and supposed singers, so if you’d like to come along, call or email the office and we’ll include you. You can also take the DART down and just join us for the cruise back…etc… If you have acquired a boat, this is a great opportunity to build sea miles with the comfort of a fleet.