AIB Dublin Bay Sailing Club 2020 Prizewinners

 Congratulations to all our racing members who have won a prize racing in Dublin Bay this season!

It has been a very testing season for both Dublin Bay Sailing Club and our racing members but 2021 will be a more active one for sure and 2022 will no doubt see a full return of our local racing calendar!!

Below is the full listing of DBSC Prize Winners. National Yacht Club Members are highlighted in blue.

Premier Trophies   
Dun Laoghaire Harbour TrophyBest new DBSC yacht 2020Prima FortePatrick Burke
Dr Alf Delany CupBest Dinghy for the seasonLaser RadialRian Geraghty-McDonnell
Waterhouse ShieldBest yacht in Handicapped seriesWindjammerLindsay Casey
George Arthur Newsom CupBest yacht in one design racingBilly WhizzJames Conboy-Fischer
Brendan Ebril Memorial CupBest yacht frequently participatedAliasDavid Meeke Martin McCarthy
The Viking AwardA notable contribution to DBSC sailingDBSC Volunteers 2020DBSC Volunteers 2020
Cruisers 0   
Martin CupThursdays IRC RacingRockabill VIPaul O’ Higgins
Knox-Gore BowlThursdays Echo RacingHot CookieJohn O’Gorman
Knox-Gore CupSaturdays IRC RacingWowGeorge Sisk
Centenary TrophySaturdays Echo RacingPrima FortePatrick Burke
Cruisers 1   
West Pier Officer’s CupThursdays IRC RacingWhite MischiefTim and Richard Goodbody
Tiamat TrophyThursdays Echo RacingWhite MischiefTim and Richard Goodbody
Weir CupSaturdays IRC RacingJalapenoPaul Barrington
Osterburg TrophySaturdays Echo RacingRaptorPaul Bradley Fintan Cairns
Cruisers 2   
Centenary CupThursdays Echo RacingPeridotJim McCann
Lady Shamrock TrophyThursdays IRC RacingWindjammerLindsay Casey
Silver SalverSaturdays IRC RacingWindjammerLindsay Casey
TP Early Memorial CupSaturdays Echo RacingWindjammerLindsay Casey
Brendan Brisco CupTuesdays RacingBoojumStephanie Bourke
Silver Foam TrophyMost Improved Boat Cr 2BoojumStephanie Bourke
Cut Glass TumblerTuesday Sigma RacingBoojumStephanie Bourke
JB Stephens TrophyThurs and Sat Comb-SigmasRupertR&P Lovegrove
Cruisers 3   
Annette CupThursdays ECHO RacingSakiPaget McCormack
Mercia CupSaturdays ECHO RacingPapytooFrank Guilfoyle
Sanderling TrophyTuesdays ECHO RacingPapytooFrank Guilfoyle
Smalldridge CupThursdays IRC RacingStarletKevin Byrne
Jack Kennedy Memorial CupSaturdays IRC RacingStarletKevin Byrne
Whimbrel Rose BowlTuesdays IRC RacingStarletKevin Byrne
Cut Glass TumblerTuesday SCRATCH OverallYikesPeter Carroll
Optec TrophyTuesday ECHO OverallVentunoRowan Fogarty
Facet Jewellers CupThursdays SCRATCH OverallBilly WhizJames Conboy-Fischer
Beneteau 21 TrayThursdays ECHO OverallBilly WhizJames Conboy-Fischer
Beneteau 21 CupSaturdays SCRATCH OverallBilly WhizJames Conboy-Fischer
Jimmy Fischer TrophySaturdays ECHO OverallVentunoRowan Fogarty
Waterhouse Rose BowlThurs/Sat Comb ECHOBeeswingPat Shannon
Cruisers 5   
Burford TrophyThursdays IRC Overall Div APersistenceCharles Broadhead
Gerry Henry SalverThursdays ECHO Overall Div AKatienuaThomas Dunne
Trevor Wood TrophyThursdays ECHO Overall Div BGung-hoGrainne O’ Shea
White Sail Class TrophySats A and B IRC OverallGung-hoGrainne O’ Shea
Ana Livia TrophySats A and B ECHO OverallSpiritC O’Brien and E Gill
Galileo CupNot winning another trophyThe Great EscapeP and D Rigney
Feanor TrophyThursday Racing ScratchProspectChris Johnston
Horrigan CupThursday Racing EchoKernachEoin O’Driscoll
Arandora TrophySaturday Racing ScratchLevanteJohn Power Michael Leahy
Cut Glass TumblerTuesday Racing ScratchLevanteJohn Power Michael Leahy
Long John Silver CupSaturday Racing EchoAttitudeTrina Milner
Oxford and Cambridge CupThursday RacingZin ZanAdrian Masterson
RIYC CupSaturday RacingPhantomDavid Williams
Old Time CupComb. Thurs and SatsPhantomDavid Williams
Torry CupNot winning another trophyD-cisionJoey Mason
Cut Glass TumblerTuesday racingGlenroanKeith Malcolm
The McMullen CupSat and Thurs CombinedGlendunDavid Houlton
Pterodactyl CupThursdays RacingGlendunDavid Houlton
Harry Maguire Memorial CupSaturday RacingGlenluceR O’Connor L Grant & M Pearson 
British Airways TrophySaturday RacingBanditA Kirwan/B Cullen/C Brown
J. Lamont TrophyThurs and Sats combinedBanditA Kirwan/B Cullen/C Brown
John Donnelly Perpetual CupTuesday RacingBanditA Kirwan/B Cullen/C Brown
Huet TrophyThursday RacingShannaghStephen Gill
Cut Glass TumblerTuesday RacingPoppyAlan Deladiennee
The Melindi CupSaturday RacingJo SlimJohn Clark
Shipman Perpetual TrophyThurs and Sats combinedJo SlimJohn Clark
The Crichton CupThursday RacingTedM O’Connor, D Taylor, Ed Cook 
Saturday SB CupSaturday RacingTedM O’Connor, D Taylor, Ed Cook 
Bealtaine TrophySaturdays series ACarpe DiemRichard Hayes
Lunasa TrophySaturdays series BVenues WorldGerry Dempsey, Chris Nolan
Equinox TrophySaturdays series CSo BlueJ Burke, C Helme, A Claffey
Mixed Sportsboats   
Cut Glass TumblerTuesdaysGeorge 5Jonathan Craig
Thursday Sportsboat CupThursdays Overall 8 RacesJesterDeclan Curtin
Saturday Sportsboat CupSaturdays Overall 16 RacesJambiyaMartin Ryan
Water Wags   
Goldsmith CupWednesday 1st PlaceSwiftGuy Kilroy
Bluebird TrophyWednesday 2nd PlacePanseyVincent Delany
G.Pugin Meldon TrophyWednesday 3rd PlaceTortoiseW and L Prentice
Flying 15’s   
Fifty Something CupTuesday RacingIgnus CaputDavid Mulvin
Brian S Ryan TrophySaturday RacingIgnus CaputDavid Mulvin
Flying Fifteen GunThursday RacingFrequent FlyerChris Doorly
Blake CupMidweek Handicap racingRodriguesKen Dumpleton
Nuit St. George TrophyTuesday overall14990E Butler F Miller
The Fireball Saturday CupSaturdays overall14990E Butler F Miller
IDRA 14’s   
Bay CupTuesdays ScratchDart 161Yves and Paul Long
Melampus CupTuesday HandicapDutch CourageSailing in Dublin
The Kennedy CupSaturdays OverallDart 161Yves and Paul Long
Cr Challenge CupSpecial ConditionsDart 161Yves and Paul Long
The Halfway TrophyMost successful YachtSlipstreamJulie Ascoop
PY Single Handed   
Windmill CupTuesdays OverallRS Aero Orion 328Noel Butler
Early Bird TrophySaturdays overallRS Aero Minty 1321Brendan Foley
Lanavere CupTuesdays Overall Std166313Ronan Wallace
Sanderling TrophySaturdays Overall Std211099Finn Walker
Sailcraft Tray TrophyTues and Sats Std216894Rian Geraghty McDonnell
Jimmy MooneyTrophyTues and Sats Radial213042Sean Craig
Cut Glass TumblerTuesdays Overall Radial213042Sean Craig
Cut Glass TumblerSaturdays Overall Radial207800Connor Gorman
Cut Glass TumblerTuesdays Overall 4.7194650Luke Turvey
Cut Glass TumblerSaturdays Overall 4.7194650Luke Turvey