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Meanwhile in the boathouse…

As the date of the lift-in – scheduled for Saturday 9th April! – is rapidly approaching, the boathouse team, while still supporting the sailing winter activities, is busily going through a full maintenance programme and attending to the many Club’s boats (63 in total!) and other assets to start the summer season in the best possible conditions.

Here is a non exhaustive overview of what is taking place in the boathouse: Click Here

2022 Irish Sailing Cruising Conference

Overcoming Challenges is the theme for this year’s Cruising Conference
Saturday 19 February 2022
5pm to 8pm on ZOOM
€5 entry – all for RNLI

We invite you to join us on the high seas with four incredible skippers as they share some of the challenges they experienced on their adventures and how they overcame them. All on zoom in the comfort of your living room. Slide on the slippers and join …

For more details and to register your place, please click here

Stephen O’Connor’s retirement presentation

Last weekend, we held a small event to mark Stephen O’Connor’s retirement from full time employment after 13 years service. 
While many members would have liked to attend, cognisant of rising COVID numbers, a small but representative group of members was invited to show the esteem in which Stephen is held by all of us in the Club.

We presented a collection from members (which was matched by the Club) and also a limited edition print of a beautiful painting by Fergal McCabe, which depicts many of the buildings and locations in Dun Laoghaire.
While the event was necessarily low-key, it was also a very fitting way to mark Stephen’s contribution to the NYC over the years.

On behalf of Stephen, I would like to thank all the members that contributed to the collection and who have passed on their good wishes to him. While his full-time days in the boathouse are behind him, I am delighted that Stephen is back in the boathouse at weekends to support platform, craning and launch services to our members, so we can continue to benefit from his experience and his leadership in this area.

Conor O’Regan

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Ladies Lunch Returns!!

                       Great News!!After Many months of waiting ………………..The NYC Ladies Lunch will start back again on Tuesday November 9th @ 1pmWe are all looking forward to seeing all our usual and new ladies come along to our monthly Ladies lunchTo book a table please phone […]

John Lavery and Alan Green Defend Their Irish Flying Fifteen Title

John Lavery and Alan Green of the National Yacht Club successfully defended their Irish Flying Fifteen title in a light air contest at Strangford Lough Yacht Club.

John & Alan, sailing Phoenix, retained their 2020 title by a huge margin of some 16 points overall in the 22-boat fleet at Strangford Lough.

There was a three-way point tie for second place overall, […]